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director of most of the UNARFILM movies. Born 1974, filmmaker since 1983, film theorist, member of UNARCLUB, music group KAKADUO, actor of the DIVADLO BERUSKA theatre and also known as a solo musician KRÁLÍČEK.

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Zdeněk Eliáš and Magdalena Hrubá in ´Moje milé děti!´ (1995)

The name UNARFILM appears for the first time in 1990 
in the videofilm KAREL, made by Petr Marek, Jirí Nebeský 
and Libor Hanus. Since this it is part of eych title-
-sequency of every audio-visual work, created by UNARCLUB. 
The name UNARFILM continuates the tradition of the amateur
film company MARKOFILM, lead by the father and the grandfather
of director Petr Marek. It created mostly hockey- and family- 
movies. Between 1990 and 1998 made UNARFILM over 60 films. 
The shortest one takes 9 seconds, the longest 4 hours. 
Most of them are video - movies (mostly VHS, twice Betacam),
the residual 6 are Super 8´s.
UNARFILM Petr Marek Mlýnský příkop 1790 Hranice 763 01 Czech Republic E-mail:
Petr Marek made his first short film in 1983, he was 8 and his father lent him his eight millimeter camera. Until 1988 he ma- de many short films, most family pictures with a few moments of fiction - some grotesque sketches. The first srcipt ever written by Petr Marek is from the year 1984, it was ment for a short film with Marek's friend Libor Dufka.
In 1988 makes Marek with Jiří Nezhyba (later part of the cultu- re group UNARCLUB) a 1-meter-movie "ZÁCHOD" ("THE TOILETTE"). The story is simple: A man (Marek) crawls, hi discoveres a toilette-cabin and he runs into it. Actually it was a test for their first own amateur movie JABLKOVÝ JOHNNY (THE APPLE- -JOHNNY), which they started to make very soon. The film has unfortunately not preserved, because it was destroyed by poli- ce right at the day of its shooting. It was a gangsters parody, introduced by the trailer with the music group SAVAREZ (Marek, Nezhyba, Libor Hanuš). The story: A man (Marek) has bought an LP and walks around the square. At the fountaine sits "The Apple-Johnny" (Jiří Nebeský), the gang-boss. Up from the foun- taine appears his companion (Nezhyba) and they both start to run after the man. He, after the fall from the stairs (Petr Marek formed in 6 years "The Stuntsman-club") enters the door of a police-station. There the shooting ended by the inter- vention of the policemen.
So the real first film made together was REKLAMA UNARCLUBU (THE UNAR-CLUB-COMMERCIAL) a parody of a propaganda movie. It was made already after UNARCLUB grouped together. A montage of separate sketches, put together with titles, celebrating in several variations the group UNARCLUB, turns unexpectedly to a parody of the police intervention on 17. november 1989 (made in january 1990, not a two months after that!).
The first full-fiction UNARCLUB movie (the UNARFILM-company arises soon) had a title NEZHYBOS ANEB HLAVINKA MÁ ALIBI I (NEZHYBOS OR HLAVINKA HAS AN ALIBY I). It was a 10 minute bay-slapstick based on a script by Petr Marek and Libor Hanuš. A bunch of friends Marek, Hanuš, Pavel Martínek) on the way to a lake meets a man (Nebeský), who cannot hang himself the right way and all ends with a confused chase in a horror- -comedy mood. The film was unfinished and his end, which was edited with the not used scenes, works very bizarre.
A radical change made the video technique. Since july 1990 UNARFILM makes one short video after the other. The first is the documentary about the quitarre player Libor Hanuš VIRTUOZ and then follows many parodys, apartement-inscenations, video- clips. A weird opus is a musical-horror-fantasy VEČÍREK (THE PARTY), at the top of that times humour was a sci-fi parody PŘISTÁNÍ (THE LANDING), very amusing by the non-intention- -humour is nowadays the movie U BABIČKY (BY THE GRANDMA).
In 1991 makes Petr Marek a 7 minutes film TŘETÍ DEN (THE THIRD DAY), based on his and Nebeský's sreenplay, with the amateur players from the regional theatre TYL. It is until now the most perfectioned work, full of black and absurde humour with a moral "flavour".
The year 1992 was dedicated to many videoclips of several mu- sic groups, formed by the members of UNARCLUB: THE SCALDERS, DOKTOR A DEMENT (now KAKADUO).
In 1993 comes a breakthrough. Nebeský and Marek make a 55 mi- nutes movie BAJESTA GUMBRINA by using a material, shot for the movie PSYCHOANEKDOTY ANEB HLAVINKA MÁ ALIBI II (PSYCHOANECDO- TES OR HLAVINKA HAS AN ALIBY II), shooting some new scenes, dialogues and also using huge other unedited material or se- quences from some older UNARFILM movies (TŘETÍ DEN, VEČÍREK...). A story about a psychic sick man Gustav (Nezhyba) comes out, which for a love to a girl Bajesta (Eva Ličmanová) searches for help by a psychiatrist Dusifoj (Marek). But the doctor gives him forbidden medicine and watches Gustav, which appears in a labyrinth of memories and delusions. But the thiev Berg (Hanuš) blacmails him and the doctor must start to terminate all witnesses. The film is narrated through three story planes: 1. as a confession of Gustav (his life, his memories, his night- mares), 2. as a story of the doctor and the thiev and 3. as a metaphorical grotesque. After the finishing of the movie it was a clear, that this is a point of break. A perfect form, great humour and also a tragic smell made from BAJESTA GUMBRI- NA one of the best films of UNARFILM. Since now all other UNAR- FILM work will be meassured by this one.
After a short intermission and one attempt to do a "new BAJES- TA" (the unfinished film-essay A S MÁLEM BÝT... (AND WITH A FEW TO BE...) comes an other silence.
In 1994 comes out the documentary KTERÉ SVÉ (WHICH OWN) about the improvi-sation theater DIVADLO BERUŠKA. Petr Marek makes yet that year his film JEDEN Z TĚCH ŠŤASTNÝCH (ONE OF THOSE HAPPY ONES) and ends so the first period of the existence of UNARFILM.


The second period is the time 1995 - 1997. This is a real boom of UNARFILM. 1995 is made a four hours comedy 240 MINUT V SO- LINGENU (THE 240 MINUTES IN SOLINGEN) - and its "commercial version" - 90 MINUT V SOLINGENU ANEB THE BEST OF 240 MINUT V SOLINGENU (THE 90 MINUTES IN SOLINGEN OR THE BEST OF THE 240 MINUTES IN SOLINGEN). Petr Marek shoots MOJE MILÉ DĚTI!
(BUYAROPEBUTDON'THANGYOURSELF!), until now the most popular UNARFILM movie (many film-prizes). Marek creates some video- clips for the musician MUZIKANT KRÁLÍČEK (himself).
1996 Marek shoots his until today best own film - a 45 minutes movie FILM PETRA, which is a personal montage horror-comedy about loosing the faith and searching for it. Together with Ne- beský he creates an other 55 minutes film MY LIFE OPODÁL a sad metaphoric comedy about one brother's - friendsip falling apart. UNARFILM becomes well-known in the experimental film subculture. In 1997 Marek makes STEJNÍ HRDINOVÉ, JINÉ... (PŘÍ- HODY) (THE SAME HEROES, OTHER... (STORIES)) - a free sequel of MOJE MILÉ DĚTI!, in much "non-commercial" way, S MAJDALENOU FILM (WITH MAJDALENA FILM) and some others and also VŠECHNO NA MARS! (ALL TO MARS!). A return to the 8 milimeter technique, an half hour stream of images, sounds and music. This one ends the second period of the UNARFILM activity. Meanwhile some short projects were shot (for example an absurde satire PARTA 77 - THE GANG 77), a weird JEDEN ZA 15, DRUHÝ ZA 15 (ONE FOR 15, THE OTHER FOR 15) - a film set together with three 40 mi- nutes dialogues between Nezhyba, Marek and Nebeský - and a ma- terial for a new long film LÁSKA V HRANICÍCH (LOVE BETWEEN BOR- DERS).
But it isn´t even after two years finished and Nebeský, Marek, Nezhyba together with the cameraman Zdeněk Eliáš starting to work on a new film. But the work ends as one unamusing shooting day. End of 1998 finishes Petr Marek his new video- -film FILM MARKA - SVĚT HLEMYZU (MAREK´S FILM - THE WORLD OF LOOKSECT), dedicated to the family. Its first third is a lart- pourlartistic collage of images and sounds united with the theme. Cca in the 40´th minute takes Marek´s mother unex- pectedly the camera in her hand and shoots an 80 minute take (!) made up on the conversation with her son. Film lenght grows to 2 hours and the film looks more and more bizarre. The UNARCLUB year 1998 wasn´t the year of cinema.


Now Petr Marek makes his new 16 mm film LÁSKA SHORA with the actors Prokop Holoubek, Magdalena Hrubá, Bohdan Karásek and others. It has to be "The anti-roadmovie through the ways of mind".
In september 2000 made Petr Marek with friends an "highly amateur movie" ČESKÉ PULP FICTION A BLAIR WITCH, which is a paraphrase of the style of "bad made amateur home movies".
In december 2000 he makes his new video, following the themes and style of his FILM PETRA and FILM MARKA: SVĚT HLEMYZU under the title MÉHO SNU ČERT. This three films complete together so called "Trilogy of stupidity". Then Marek is working with Martin Mareček on a scripct for a sci-fi called DESPAIRED PEOPLE WITH THE BOMB, but it is never done.
During the last weeks of the year 2000 worked Petr Marek with famous Czech director Jan Němec on his new movie NOČNÍ HOVORY S MATKOU as second operator. The film was shown through the internet. The whole next year will Marek work on finishing his official debut Láska shora (Love from above). The film will be shown at the end of 2002.
LÁSKA SHORA title shot