Directed by: Petr Marek
Cast: Petr Marek, JiÝŪ Nebeskż, Jana MarkovŠ, JiÝŪ Nezhyba
Unarfilm, 1996
VHS, 45 min

Hviezdoslavova 18
753 01

Petr Marek
Mlżnskż pÝŪkop 1790
753 01

tel: 0042 0642 20 19 00


DIRECTOR: When I am someplace... with someone, maybe with you or someone else...,


DIRECTOR: ...then..., ...and he comes... Then with a first look, as he enters the room and looks around, then with the first look at him I know, if I have to turn the eyes away or not. If I have to... As I look at him. I look at him and now I see, if... if I rather have to shrink back or if I may normally look at him. He just comes at once with the expression like that. Now and at this moment, when I turn my head away, you know, so I already feel tension and with that turning away Iím making other tension, a bigger one, of course. Then the tension grows and itís like... That way weíve been together...


DIRECTOR: He perhaps things, that he came into somesituation, which he disturbed. And now heís got some guilt inside at this moment, and heís trying to cover it up somehow, at the same time. But because of this covering- up-something, he makes it unnatural and thatís transparent. And then just for not seen it, that he things, itís not seen, he tryís to keep it as if itís not like that. And that I already said, that he covers it up... And he keeps make it... unnatural! ...make it that position of some well-being. And also when... and when it enrages somebody, just how it enraged that girls, he never says "thatís enough, let it be", but he asks at the moment something like..., he sayís: "It made you angry?" Or: "Whatís ..." And he starts to... he tryís to...


DIRECTOR: Itís just that he makes something unnatural, whatís stupid for the people around, it annoys those people somehow, and at the time he feels, that he made the tension, the strange mood he created, he tryís to pull it through not with ending it, but with... Either he continues with it like nothing happened and so he makes it a bit harder... or comes so-called feedback,, he tryís to weigh up what happened, or set it right with saying something like:"What goes on? Did I enrage somebody?" Or... Iím... no, thatís not what he says... he says... I donít know...


DIRECTOR: I was going by a train with your mother, I met her at the station, bacause two days later I was giving her up that apparatus. And when I was giving her up that apparatus, than... then I rang, mother came open the door, she said youíre not home, and I said that Iím only giving back the apparatus... Actually it was so: I came there monday for the first time, when I had to give it back and I said, Iíve just not finished it and so I said, thet I need to borrow it yet for one day. And then I was coming there the second day at ten...

FRIEND: ...night?

DIRECTOR: ...that Iím giving it bach, at night

FRIEND: Mmm...

DIRECTOR: Mother said this and I said to myself... Mother said youíre not home and I said Iím bringing the apparatus and she said: "Yes." And I said..., no. I said nothing, I said to myself itís inappropriate to give it to her like that, that itís so heavy, so I went through the gate, I opened it for myself and... I went just with mother, so we went into your house and I said to myself, that I have to give it to her at the gate... actually at the door and there I was not giving it to her, bacause mother went inside again, so I went inside. So I said to myself Iím going to give her it inside, before the shoes take off, but mother already went inside again, so I took my shoes off and went inside and I said to myself Iím going to give her it in the room and I didnít give her it in the room and mother went away to the television, so I took it out, I gave it to her so as she could put it on the television, I asked "Where are you putting it to?", so she put it up to the... this his how it was.

FRIEND: So this is quite an interesting story.

DIRECTOR: So, and then I went with her by a train.

DIRECTOR: I met her at the station, so I came to her, she asked me where Iím going to and so, of course, those things like the departure, the delay... I said Iīve been going by it, and itís late, so... your mother felt, that weíre not going to say each other, so she said "Iím already going to..." she ment the platform, and I said that Iím going too, so we both went to the platform and it was fifteen minutes before the departure or ten minutes, so we have been ten minutes at the platform, weíve been remarking a bit... and then were no marks already..., then the train came, about the three minutes of some silence, so the train came...


Tell me, my young boy, Iíd have a question
There stands some Church on the right side
Whatís its name?

Itís a nice young man
Whatever can he notice than
Thereís so much to be known
About Erlangen

Notice that Erlangen lies
Not in Sauerland
Here at the right side
Thereís a new swimmcenter
To swimm, sunbathe, bath...

DIRECTOR: When I thing, then... I frown.

DIRECTOR: Tonight, as I went out of the train, I went... I was very cold and I went to the bus station to warm up at the toilettes. And when I came there, so... I had a pee, of course... I went to warm up... just inside, into the cabin. And there I had a pee...

DIRECTOR: ...and there were wrightings, of course, homosexuall challenges again, and one of them was: "Searching for a boy for a BOW job" I liked that one a lot.

Itís a nice young man
Whatever can he notice than
Thereís so much to be known
About Erlangen

At the left side
Thereís a Church...

DIRECTOR: And! After that I met my ex-classmate, as I came there, when I went out of there, from the toilette. And we had much fun. But in the train, there was an interresting story, yet...

DIRECTOR: In that train I entered the coupť and...

DIRECTOR: In that train, there was a girl, I took a seet next to her, and then... there had cleared, about an hour before our town... Whatís this?... Jesus... What?... Jesus... What I was going to say? Well, it was probably not that important.


TELEVISION: What does it mean "for the food"? Of course I can invite them for a dinner and Iíll do it with pleasure, if...

TELEVISION: ...the sportsmen like the basketballer Magic Johnsonn. In the shadow of these persons now and them the great....

DIRECTOR: Dear friends!
His own arse as severely taken
We can never be mistaken
The gold appears in singers throat
We have never other road



TELEPHONE: Come quickly, or itís going to be late, this is how it is...

DIRECTOR: Who could want something from me again?

SPEAKER: In a moment your reflection will pass through the window.

Venice night at five a clock
The station hazy light
A sleepeng band a single girl
Sheís leaving over night
And she knows that itís forever
And sheíll never ever return
In Italy on holiday

DOROTKA: In the name of the father!

DOROTKA: Fanny!!!

DIRECTOR: Today I can say to you, it was no fun at all.

VOCHOMŔRKA: Whoperdoom!!!

KōEMÕLEK: Well, youíve got it! Is it what you wanted?

HURVÕNEK: Snow is storming, white little snow falls!!!

DIRECTOR: that is the week, weív spend together, the first week...

SPEJBL: Stop fidgeting! Or else weíll be falling! But from this sledge!

DIRECTOR: ..., before all of it had...

DIRECTOR: Hey, Iím gonna slope it a bit, yes?


DIRECTOR: (loughs)

SPEJBL: Now you see.

DIRECTOR: When the snow stopped, I went after a long time alone for a walk.


DIRECTOR: I was suddenly alone somehow.

DIRECTOR: But it looks like iíd rather get something, doesnít it? A paper..., a reel... and so...

DIRECTOR: First there were some people shown... not interresting, some wholly forgettable faces. Entirely normal situations. Quarrels... and so. But after a while I was captured by a sequence, that touched somehow... me. That sequence was backgrounded with Mozartís Agnus Dei.

DIRECTOR: There were mainly houses... and again houses, and the whole mood terribly corresponded to my mood (laughing) Inside of that houses there was total bleakness, dead... and they seemed to me very well-known. I felt very well inside of this film. And at the same time I felt great sadness.

DIRECTOR: The sequence with the
houses has ended and I was waiting, what will be next. That what appeared, remainded me on comet, which is to appear in those times in the sky. But it was an automobile and we came to be outside. Wholly out of all these houses. The cars seemed really rather to be the stars.

DIRECTOR: A tennis player?

DIRECTOR: A cemetery. Cemetery is the house of the dead.

DIRECTOR: Somebodyís hanging the flag (laughing). The people outside. I was still thinking, where I was leading through and by whom? But I assumed, that all makes some sense.

DIRECTOR: All those people gathered around one house. It looked like all were getting ready for going inside.

DIRECTOR: Already we find ourselves inside of this house. There was music playing and there were danced. There was unpleassant in this house. I desperately felt a need to get out. And at the same time I was already level-headed and I knew, that thers somebody, who can help me.

Once when your story began
The blind fiddler played to you
When the clock beated half
Conscience died
For which you gave yourself
You throw the safety belt
But your coat
Is a dead manís wintercoat

DIRECTOR: And suddenly, at night at the sky, a real comet.

DIRECTOR: Our friendship, our living together... And then its end...

DIRECTOR: In my childhood I was most frightend by "Fanny the piper" and all of those monsters flying around him. That was the most terrifying thing I could imagine. For me it represented evil. Absolute evil.

DIRECTOR: Iím scared. Something wrong happens. Or happened.

DIRECTOR: The worst of me, the worst of me.

DIRECTOR: Three murder attempts... The second attempt... The third attempt... The three chances to free from you.

DIRECTOR: The worst of me. Something happened. Something will happen.

DIRECTOR: Absolute evil.

DIRECTOR: Somethingís bringing us a bad new.

Soon we will be on our way
Say goodbye to yesterday

DIRECTOR: Itís my quilt.

Soon we will be in the light
Swimming in the open sky

Weíll spread our wings around the stars
Watch the way we drop our scars
Weíll spread our wings as we get higher
Spread our wings into the fire
We will be kissing the sun
Everybody knows kissing the sun
One and one with the one youíve chosen

SONG TEXT: Kissing the sun everybody knows
Kissing the sun one and one
And the thing explodes


DIRECTOR: Iím keeping my eyes on all of this. I observe it from above. Itís terrible, what happens downthere. Hallo! Repeat me! I report! Repeat! Hallo! Repeat me! I report the arrival! I report my landing!

DIRECTOR: I knew I must intervene somehow.

DIRECTOR: And I know I have the three attempts again to come back to you. Anyone of them is valid, but itís necessary to go through all of that three.

Thatís allright my mom...
Thatís allright...
Anyway you do...
Thatís allright...